About Us

  1. Lypte.com is an online store selling the latest trends.
  2. Founded in 2015, it has become a typical niche brand.Inspired by modern art, it has a unique style and makes you look simple and fashionable.
  3. As an emerging cross-border online store, we are committed to providing customers with competitive high-quality fashion clothing.
  4. With the best price, best product, best service, and best reputation, the company has achieved good results in this field, and the accompanying Lypte.com was created to promote positive for all who strive to be different. self-image.
  5. The journey begins with Lypte.com... a DIY camp for kids who want to create unique fashion for themselves.
  6. From this seed, Lypte.com sprouted and developed a marketplace for creatives to showcase and sell their striking fashion apparel.
  7. Lypte.com believes that people want to be seen, heard, and most importantly represented!
  8. Lypte Trend Firm, Fugu, American Street, Cityboy series and other products are professionally produced and processed, and have a complete and scientific quality management system.
  9. The integrity, strength and product quality of Lypte trend company have been recognized by the industry.
  10. Lypte.com is modern fashion curated by our in-house fashion team. Our differences make us unique and worthy of promotion. We will make sure you are satisfied with every purchase.
  11. Thanks for shopping with us! The Lypte.com team.